Individual Tax Returns

Thomas Fortuna, The Tax Guy is committed to providing the most accurate, professional and timely tax return in New Haven County. With more than 20 years’ education and experience, there is no reason to go elsewhere and be at the mercy of a “tax prep clerk” who just learned taxes one week earlier. Whether you are married, single, divorced, separated, Thomas will calculate which the most advantageous way to file is. If you have children in college or daycare, you may have a refund coming. The Tax Guy is committed to a value priced alternative to high cost national tax preparation chains. Call (203) 684-3512 or email for an appointment.


Self-Service Individual Tax Returns

At The Tax Guy you can do your own tax return with the help of our easy to use tax software. And of course, if you ever get stuck, contact us for free support for most of your taxing questions. Just click on the button on the right of every page, entitled “Prepare Your Return Online”. Simple returns are free!


Small Business Tax Return

The Tax Guy is a small business owner like you. As a former Chief Financial Officer for several small businesses and non-profits in Southern Connecticut, Thomas has the experience to take advantage of every legitimate tax write-off, minimizing your tax burden. Whether a Sole Proprietor (1040 Schedule C), a Corporation (1120), a Partnership or LLC (1065), or an S-Corporation (1120S), The Tax Guy will prepare tax returns that accurately reflect your year in business. Call (203) 684-3512 or email for an appointment.


 Affordable Care Act Compliance

Whether an individual or small business in New Haven, Hamden, West Haven, Cheshire, East Haven or Wallingford, the Affordable Care Act will touch us all.  See The Tax Guy for the latest information to avoid any penalties and for small business, you may be entitled to tax credits.


Bookkeeping Service

The Tax Guy knows that small business owners in New Haven County must wear many hats; sales, production, marketing, human resources etcetera. The last thing you want to do at the end of the day is sit down and try to record all the days transactions. Unfortunately though, that is exactly what is necessary for accurate and timely reporting to Uncle Sam and other partners or stakeholders. The Tax Guy bookkeeping services will allow you to concentrate on your core responsibilities, increasing your income potential. Bookkeeping services are accurate, timely and reasonably priced. Contact Thomas Fortuna at (203) 684-3512 or for more information.  Check out our Free Financial Resources section for information on financial calculations, records retention guides and tax due dates.


Business Plans

The roadmap for any business is its business plan. Business Start-Ups and those wishing to expand need a business plan for potential funding sources. The business plan explains where the company has been, where it is today and what direction it is headed. A comprehensive business plan will include market research specific to your industry and competition, as well as production, marketing and cash flow analysis. The Tax Guy understands that business plans can be costly, so we have developed a fee structure that considers the firm’s financial position. We provide financial guidance, management decisions, budgeting analysis, forecasts and projections. Contact Thomas Fortuna at (203) 684-3512 or for more information.